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Announcements for inclusion in this weeks announcments sheet should be with the Manse no later than Thursday Evening

Announcements can be emailed to Rev. Sloan

Girls' Brigade Registration

Date - Thu 06,Sep at 19:30
Registration Evening for the Girls' Brigade
Marbeth O'Neill

Girls' Brigade Display

Date - Fri 22,Mar at 19:30
Girls' Brigade Display
Marbeth O'Neill

Flourish - Trip to Kildare

Date - Sat 09,Jun at 08:15
Shopping trip to Kildare Village - To gauge levels of interest and secure transport, please let us know if you are attening by the 25th March.
Naomi Mill

Girls' Brigade Begins

Date - Thu 13,Sep at 18:00
Girls' Brigade begins for the new season, details in the link
Marbeth O'Neill