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Date Reading Preacher Sermon Title Sermon Series
10th Jan, 16 Colossians Ch.2 vv.2-6 Rev. Lee Eagleson Frontline Prayer
17th Jan, 16 John Ch. 3 vv. 22-36 Rev. Paul McClenaghan Sermon from 17th January, 2016
24th Jan, 16 Psalm 147 Rev. Jonathan Moxen The Call to Worship
21st Feb, 16 Psalm Ch. 40 Rev. Paul McClenaghan Guidance
28th Feb, 16 Matthew Ch. 16 vv. 24-28 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Cost to Follow
13th Mar, 16 John Ch.13 vv. 31-38 Rev. George Moore The Mark of a Committed Chrisian
20th Mar, 16 Mr. Willie Logan Sermon from 20th March
3rd Apr, 16 2 Timothy Ch. 2 vv.1-13 Rev. George Moore Remember the Resurrection
10th Apr, 16 John Ch. 10 vv.1-10 Rev. Jonathan Moxen The Thief
1st May, 16 Ephesians Ch. 4 vv.17-5:2 Rev. Russell Edgar Imitators of God
8th May, 16 Genesis Ch. 46-47 Mr. Norman McCracken A Pilgrim's Progress
15th May, 16 Psalm 40 vv.1-5 Rev. Jonathan Sloan New Beginnings
22nd May, 16 Isaiah Ch. 41 vv.10-20 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Dealing with our Fears
5th Jun, 16 Luke Ch. 8 vv. 22-26 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Coping with Life's Storms
12th Jun, 16 1 John Ch.3 vv.1-10 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Believers
19th Jun, 16 Luke Ch. 8 vv.40-56 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Healing of Jairus' Daughter
10th Jul, 16 1 John Ch. 1 vv.5-10 Mr. George Barkley Sermons from 10th July
17th Jul, 16 1 John Ch. 2 vv.1-11 Rev. Paul McClenaghan Obedience
24th Jul, 16 Mr. David Lennox Sermon from 24th July
31st Jul, 16 Luke Ch. 4 vv.1-13 Mr. John Kernohan Sermon from 31st July
7th Aug, 16 John Ch.4 vv. 1-42 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Living Waters
14th Aug, 16 John Ch.8 vv.40-48 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Sick Woman
21st Aug, 16 Acts Ch. 9 vv. 1-31 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Conversion of Saul
28th Aug, 16 Ephesians Ch. 3 vv.14-21 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Perfect Love
4th Sep, 16 Philippians Ch. 2 vv.5-11 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Who is Jesus?
11th Sep, 16 Exodus Ch. 21 vv.1-6 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Pierced for the Lord
18th Sep, 16 Luke Ch.7 vv.1-11 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Widow of Nain
25th Sep, 16 Rev. Jonathan Boyd Sermon from 25th September
2nd Oct, 16 Acts Ch. 13 vv.1-4 Rev. Jonathan Sloan A Sending Church
9th Oct, 16 Rev. Dessie Paul Sermons from 9th October
16th Oct, 16 Luke Ch. 12 vv.13-21 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Harvest Thanksgiving
23rd Oct, 16 1 Peter Ch. 1 vv.18-25 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Redemption through Jesus
6th Nov, 16 Ephesians Ch. 4 vv.25-31 Rev. Paul McClenaghan Sermon from 6th November, 2016
13th Nov, 16 Mr. Ross Kernohan Remembrance Sunday
18th Dec, 16 Luke Ch.. vv1-14 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Mystery of Christmas
1st Jan, 17 Phillippians Ch. 3 vv.11-4:1 Rev. Jonathan Sloan New Years Day
19th Feb, 17 John Ch. 4 vv.1-30 Rev. Paul McClenaghan The Women at the well
12th Mar, 17 Psalm 12 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Help for the Godly are no More
9th Apr, 17 Mark Ch. 11 vv.1-11 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Servant King
14th Apr, 17 Rev. Jonathan Sloan It is Done!
21st May, 17 2 Timothy Ch.1 vv.1-6 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Children's Day Service
11th Jun, 17 John Ch.14 vv.1-6 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Keys to the Kingdom
18th Jun, 17 Mr. Phillp Dunn European Mission Fellowship
30th Jul, 17 Psalm 1 Mr. George Barkley Walking into the Future
13th Aug, 17 John Ch.21 vv.1-17 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Do you truly love me?
20th Aug, 17 John Ch. 6 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Are you committed?
3rd Sep, 17 Acts Ch.2 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Priorities of the Church
10th Sep, 17 Matthew Ch.28 vv.16-20 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Every Christian is a Witness
17th Sep, 17 Colossians Ch.4 vv.2-4 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Importance of Prayer for the Believer
24th Sep, 17 Miss Ruth McKee My Work in Peru
1st Oct, 17 Mark Ch.10 vv.17-22 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler
8th Oct, 17 Mark Ch. 10 vv. 46-52 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Go on your way, Your Faith has healed you!
15th Oct, 17 Matthew Ch.13 vv.1-23 Rev. Jonathan Sloan What Kind of Soil are you?
29th Oct, 17 Acts Ch.6 vv. 1-4 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Electing a Church Committee
12th Nov, 17 Acts Ch.6 vv. 1-4 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Remembrance Sunday
19th Nov, 17 Acts Ch. 13 vv. 10-21 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Stand tall in Christ
3rd Dec, 17 Ephesians Ch.2 vv.1-10 Rev. Donald Patton Reformation Focus
31st Dec, 17 Proverbs Ch.3 vv.1-12 Rev. Jonathan Sloan New Years Eve
7th Jan, 18 Hebrews Ch.11 vv. 33-12:2 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Why should I put myself out?
14th Jan, 18 John Ch.1 vv.35-42 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Reaching People for Christ
18th Feb, 18 Psalm 34 vv.1-8 Mr. George Barkley Someone did it for me
11th Mar, 18 Isaiah Ch.49 vv. 13-18 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Our Father never forgets His Children
8th Apr, 18 Philippians Ch.3 vv.1-10 Rev. Jonathan Sloan How well do you know Jesus?
15th Apr, 18 Genesis Ch.39 Rev. Jonathan Sloan How to Avoid Temptation
22nd Apr, 18 Hebrews Ch. 11 Mr. George Barkley Keep it Genuine
29th Apr, 18 Romans Ch.10 Mr. Ivan Johnston Work of the Gideons
13th May, 18 John Ch.11 vv. 1-44 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Love and Compassion
20th May, 18 Ephesians Ch.6 vv.1-4 Rev. Jonathan Sloan What is the Church?
27th May, 18 Acts Ch.27 vv.9-37 Rev. Jonathan Sloan A Storm and a Shipwreck
10th Jun, 18 Matthew Ch.8 vv. 5-13 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Where are you going?
24th Jun, 18 Acts Ch.12 vv. 22-31 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Problem with Idols
1st Jul, 18 Psalm 74 Rev. Godfrey Brown Sermon from 1st July
8th Jul, 18 Psalm 121 Mr. George Barkley Sermon from 8th July
15th Jul, 18 Isaiah Ch.6 Rev. Paul McClenaghan Majestically Holy
22nd Jul, 18 Mark Ch.8 vv. 31-38 Rev. Paul McClenaghan Universally Unique
29th Jul, 18 John Ch. 15 vv.15-31 Rev. Paul McClenaghan The Holy Spirit is still Desperately needed
5th Aug, 18 Genesis Ch.3 vv. 1.19 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Sermons from 5th August
12th Aug, 18 1 John Ch. 4 vv. 7-12 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Author of Love
19th Aug, 18 Psalm 37 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Does it always pay to be good?
7th Oct, 18 Ephesians Ch.3 vv.14-21 Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles McMullan Sermon from 7th October
21st Oct, 18 Jeremiah Ch.8 vv. 14-22 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Harvest is Past
11th Nov, 18 Ecclesiastes Ch.3 vv.1-8 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Remembrance Sunday
30th Dec, 18 Proverbs Ch. 3 vv. 5-7 Rev. Paul McClenaghan Looking to the Future
6th Jan, 19 Ephesians Ch.5 vv. 15-17 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Facing the New Year
13th Jan, 19 Luke Ch.2 vv.22-35 Rev. Jonathan Sloan The Patience of Simeon
27th Jan, 19 Romans Ch.8 vv.28-39 Rev. Jonathan Sloan Altogether Service